Business Value Proposition

Automation Technologies, LLC offers comprehensive Technology Consulting Services for leading international banks by transferral along its made expertise and experience.

We Equips you by understanding the risks and significant success factors before off shoring, helps analyse and consolidate your technology portfolio

Eliminates heterogeneousness and redundancy, measures business impact and aligns technology with business by investing domain and technology centers of excellence

Automation Technologies, LLC offers a full set of IT consulting resources including: Business / IT Analysts, Software Architects, Project Managers / Leads, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Database directors, Systems directors, Quality Strategists / Engineers.

Automation Technologies, LLC IT Capabilities

IT Services, Quality Assurance, IT Infrastructure Services, IT allows Services / BPO, IT Consulting and Management Services. Automation Technologies, LLC’s Project Management follow offers toughened certified Project Management professionals UN agency is recruited for immediate begin.

These professionals have proven track records in handling advanced comes with numerous wants. We square measure slightly completely different from the opposite corporations. Our professional-savvy team allows us to get things done.

The expertise to induce things done merely and effectively, Outstanding communication skills to manage all sizes of comes, Managed merchandise to services in IT trade, Put out fires of each kind (yes even real ones), Understand the capability of existing resources and understand a way to get things done, Worked in all kinds of political minefields to induce triple-crown project completion,Self-belief in themselves and also the groups they manage to figure for achievement, Applied expertise, analytical talents and plain recent sense for effective management.